At EDM, we offer services that are simple, affordable, and customizable.

Website Development

EDM uses a web development tool called WordPress. Essentially, it offers a more efficient way to create a website by offering templates and easy customization. The plus sides for you are that it reduces our costs, and allows you to be able to update your website easily without knowing any code!

Despite being ideal for serving small businesses, WordPress is also used for big brand websites, such as Bloomberg, Sony Music, and the New Yorker.

In-depth Marketing Analysis

After we set up your site, or if you already have one, our team at EDM will draft a report offering advice on how you can approach marketing more strategically, and how these strategies can be applied to your website and social media presence.

Social Media

Social media accounts can be set up on any platform of your choice, again incorporating the marketing strategies that we draft in the report.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is essential in order to make sure that potential customers are drawn to your business online. View our SEO page for more information.


Since every business’ needs are different, we alter our price based on your specific needs. Contact us from our contact page for a free consultation and to receive a price quote for our services.